Safe Cum Safe Deposit Lockers

  • Conforms to IS 14512 Standard
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • CRISIL SME 1 Rated

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Product Description

  • Guardwel, a trusted manufacturer of Quality Physical Security & Fire Resisting Products for the Banking & Financial Industry since 1986.
  • ISO 9001 certified and CRISIL SME 1 rated organisation, manned by skilled engineers and a competent Quality Control department controls manufacture of hi-tech security products.
  • Nationwide dealer network provides prompt sales & service that a customer needs in any part of the nation.

Guardwel’s range of Fire & Burglary Resistant Safes, Strong Room Doors, Fire protection cabinets, Fire resistant filing cabinets and Safe Deposit Lockers is the simplest and the most comprehensive option to all the concerns of enhanced attack levels. Guardwel provides a worry free solution for the safety and protection of all your valuables and belongings.

Safes with Safe Deposit Lockers

  • Offer the best option for security of renters valuables where a strong room is not feasible / uneconomical.
  • Manufactured in compliance to IS 14512.
  • Safe Deposit Lockers are BIS Licensed conform to IS 5244, and are fitted inside, either fire & burglar resistance Safes (FBR) or Torch and tool resistant (TRTL) safes, conforming to IS 550 and BIS Licensed.
  • Ease of operation of a safe with the confidentiality and safety of a safe deposit locker in a strong room.
  • Wide choice of locker sizes available.
  • Safes are protected by high security Guardwel own make 8 levers Dual Control Lock and lockers with individual dual control locks, with total confidentiality of combinations.
  • An automatic re-locking device gets activated if the main lock is dislodged by explosive or comes under attack by any other means.
  • Guardwel offers survey and consultancy on selection and placement of Lockers

Technical Specifications

Model Lockers Combinations External Dimensions Net Wt in
  NO. a SIZE H W D  
FBR 1550 / SDL-29 29 A 1550 785 720 1515
FBR 2045 / SDL-36 24A +8C+4F 2045 950 867 2435
FBR 2045 / SDL-46 40A+4C+2F 2045 950 867 2520
FBR 2045 / SDL-56 56A 2045 950 867 2620
FBR 2150/DD/SDL-51 46B+2E+2H+1H1 2150 1290 867 3395
FBR 2150/DD/SDL-75 66A+6C+3F 2150 1290 867 3445
FBR 2150/DD/SDL-90 90A 2150 1290 867 3495
TRTL FBR 2045 / SDL-36 24A +8C+4F 2045 950 867 2309
TRTL FBR 2045 / SDL-46 40A+4C+2F 2045 950 867 2394
TRTL FBR 2045 / SDL-56 56A 2045 950 867 2494

Besides above, any standard SDL (10, 21, 32, 45 Et 60 can be fitted inside a 2150 Double Door Safe.

Optional: (At extra cost)

  • A third lock of Guardwel make from inside the locker for additional customer confidence and the customer can retain the key for this lock.
  • A pad locking hasp where a customer can fit his own Pad lock and retain the key.
  • 3 Wheel Mechanical Combination lock, Electronic Combination lock, Digital lock or Biometric lock.

Note: details of Master key and locker S/Nos. must be provided at the time of placement of order.

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