Torch & Tool Resistant Safes

  • Tested for Torch and Tool resistance of on all six sides As per IS 550, Part 2
  • BIS Licensed & CBRI Tested
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • CRISIL SME 1 Rated

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Product Description

Guardwel, a trusted manufacturer of Quality Physical Security & Fire Resisting Products for the Banking & Financial Industry since 1986.

  • ISO 9001 certified and CRISIL SME 1 rated organization.
  • Manned by skilled engineers and a competent Quality Control department that controls manufacture of hi-tech security products.
  • Nationwide dealer network provides prompt sales & service that a customer needs, in any part of the nation.

Torch and tool Resistant Safes

Mr. Anthony Tuscano, the ace technocrat founder of Guardwel was the first to indigenously develop TRTL barriers for vaults and higher grade safes, in India way back in 1982.

With the introduction of TRTL Safes Guardwel moved ahead of the modern burglary attack techniques. Our strong and formidable defensive barriers can withstand severe combined attacks of oxyacetylene gas torch and heavy tools such as power drills and impact tools.

Our BB Class TRTL Safes are the obvious choice for your serious security needs. These safes offer the best protection for your valuables against the sophisticated and ever improving attack techniques.


  • Body made from thick steel plates with the latest steel bending techniques.
  • Multiple bends with fully welded construction forms a solid rivet less block.
  • The special defensive barrier material encased in the body can resist attack by any tools or a combination of torch and tools.


  • Constructed from extra thick and tough steel plates.
  • Further reinforced with a barrier material that can withstand attacks by Gas torch and power tools.
  • The door cannot be dislodged even if the hinges are cut off.

Locking mechanism

  • All Guardwel safes are fitted with eight lever Dual control locks, designed and manufactured In-house with complete security and confidentiality of combinations.
  • Chances of repeating a combination are one in a million.
  • Operated by a 3 pronged handle in front allowing fingers to fit in snugly and operate smoothly.
  • Evenly spaced shooting bolts give a balanced pressure and ensure protection from dislodgement.
  • All the locks are tested to stringent requirements of IS 550.

Automatic Self-Locking Device

The safe is also protected by an automatic re-locking device, which gets activated if the lock is dislodged by explosive or comes under attack by any other means. This ensures that the door remains firmly shut and the valuables remain safe even under severe attack.


  • The safes can be fitted with key less three wheel mechanical or electronic combination lock, which makes them unpickable.
  • Biometric locks and digital locks or the provision for fitting them, can be availed at an extra cost.
  • Internals of the safe can be modified to fit gold loan trays, drawers or gold loan hooks.

Technical Specifications

Torch & tool Resistant Safes (BB Class):

  External dimensions in mm Internal dimensions in mm Net Wt. in Kgs.
Model H W D H W D
TRTL/1040 1040 785 720 840 585 448 1025
TRTL/1245 1245 785 720 1045 585 448 220
TRTL/1550 1550 785 720 1350 585 448 1415
TRTL/2045 2045 950 867 1845 750 595 2300
TRTL/2150-DD 2150 1290 867 1950 1090 595 3007
Conversions1”=25.4 mm


1 Kg. = 2.204 Pounds (lbs.)


Note: In our quest for continuous improvement, we reserve the right to alter any part of above specifications without incurring any obligation. Issued on: March 2013

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